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rospect Hill Cemetery is more than a place for burial. It is a home of special remembrance for our nation, our community, and all the families who treat it as sacred ground. The list of patriots buried here begins with Philip Livingston, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and extends through Soldiers Circle – a federally owned site given to America after the Civil War as a final resting place for soldiers who died of their wounds after the Battle of Gettysburg – to today's tribute to fallen heroes from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. In fact, our cemetery is the final resting place for patriots from EVERY war in which our country has fought.

Founded in 1849, the cemetery is part of the Victorian rural cemetery movement that saw large, beautifully landscaped properties developed to provide inspirational "green space" outside the teeming cities of early industrial America. Many prominent York County families embraced the concept and chose Prospect Hill for their family burial estates. A tour of the grounds becomes an historic walk back through the history of our community.

Today, Prospect Hill is our area's largest and most historic cemetery composed of 170 acres in North York and Manchester Township. With over 60 acres of property still to be developed, the future for this important community treasure promises to be as important as its distinguished past.



2015 Court of Valor Ceremony
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