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28 FEbruary 2013


The Fallen Heroes Memorial was dedicated during the Veterans Day weekend on November 10, 2012. Emblazoned with appropriate carvings, quotes and insignia, and crowned with a statue of an American eagle, the black granite monument encases its state-of-the-art digital monitor. It is our hope that visitors to the York, PA area will take a few minutes to visit this Fallen Heroes Memorial and view the faces of our fallen.

In August of 2005, Prospect Hill Cemetery in York, Pennsylvania began a solemn Flag Memorial to honor US soldiers lost in Iraq. Except for the winter months, this memorial has been on display continuously and has grown and expanded many times over the following seven years. In 2010, the memorial was at its largest size with three areas of flags: over 4,000 US flags to mark our losses in Iraq, over a thousand US flags in another display to honor losses in Afghanistan and finally hundreds of Pennsylvania flags to note the losses suffered by that state in both theaters of war. In addition, 20 large banners bordered the display showing the pictures of local Fallen Heroes who had been lost in the Global War on Terror. Since its inception in 2005, the Flag Memorial has been updated over 25 times. At each updating ceremony, the names of the newly fallen are read while a soldier places a new flag in the display, steps back and solemnly salutes while a bell is tolled.

In the fall of 2010, the government announced the end of the combat phase of the Iraq War. The decision was made to retire the more than 4,400 flags that comprised the memorial directly on the hillside where they had flown for over 5 years. On Pearl Harbor Day in December of 2010 at dusk, local veterans and Gold Star family members conducted a retirement ceremony. Over 4,400 flags were placed in a funeral pyre on the site so that they would never leave the hillside they had graced while honoring America's Fallen Heroes. A pledge was made at that time that a memorial would be erected to both mark the site and also remember those who had died.

On Saturday, November 10 at 11 AM, Prospect Hill Cemetery unveiled the new Fallen Heroes Memorial.
The stunning memorial is constructed of black granite with carvings of service emblems and the inscription of a quote by John Maxwell Edmond, “When you go home, Tell them of us and say, For their Tomorrow, We gave today.” The truly unique feature of the monument is a large 42" hi-brite digital monitor that allows visitors to view the faces of the Fallen Heroes. It is our hope that Gold Star families from across America will send us 5 or 6 digital images that can displayed to honor their lost loved one. In addition to randomly displaying soldier's pictures and memorial information, the touch screen monitor allows visitors to search the database of over 6,600 service people lost in either Iraq or Afghanistan. Allowing visitors to view a few cherished images of a Fallen Hero will begin to help them capture a sense of the tremendous sacrifice a Gold Star family has made and it becomes a unique and effective way to honor and remember.

Send your photos to be displayed on the monument to Digital space limitations require that we ask you to limit the number to 5 or 6 photos. With each photo please send a brief description or caption explaining the photo. (Captions can not be displayed unless they are embedded into the digital image) Along with your photos, please provide the following information:

  • Fallen Hero's complete name
  • Your name and relationship to the Fallen Hero
  • Your contact information (address, phone, etc.)
  • Statement of permission to use the photo(s)

Photos should be of good quality and of sufficient DPI (dots per inch) to display properly on the large screen.
Submission of photos does not guarantee their use. The Fallen Heroes Monument reserves the sole right to select those images they deem appropriate for public display on the monument based on image quality and content.
This is a volunteer effort to honor these Fallen Heroes. As best we can, we will assist Gold Star families in selecting images that best represent the cherished memories of their Fallen Hero. There is no charge to families for creating or displaying these special pictures.

Our goal is simple: allow Gold Star families to share favorite images that convey the unique personality and life of their loved one to all who view the Fallen Heroes Memorial.

The Fallen Hero Memorial was developed through generous partnerships with: Livewire Digital (software development and technical support); Gamlet, Inc. (hardware installation); and Military & Commercial Fasteners Corp. (underwriting of digital monitor cost). The project enjoyed significant support from many local American Legion and VFW posts, area businesses, and individuals in the community. Cold Spring Granite of Minnesota supplied the black granite used in the new memorial. All donations and support for this project are appreciated!

Please help us spread the word and share this unique memorial with other Gold Star Families. To submit Fallen Hero photos, make a donation or receive information, please send emails to or call (717)843-8006.

Click or copy and paste the link to view the Fallen Heroes Video-

November 2011

Updating of War Flag Memorial Veterans Day, November 11, 2011

Flag Updating Poster

October 2011

Restoration of Community Mausoleum at Prospect Hill Cemetery

December 2010

Retirement of Iraq War Flag Memorial, December 7, 2010

Flag Retirement Ceremony - Images by John Pavoncello

With the approach of winter, the Iraq & Afghanistan War Flag display was taken down as it has in previous years. However, this year, after careful consideration and consultation with veteran leaders, the Historic Prospect Hill Cemetery Heritage Foundation decided to permanently retire the Iraq War Flag section of the display. This decision has been made as a result of official declarations that combat operations in Iraq have ended. The cemetery foundation worked with the Shiloh American Legion and several VFW posts to properly retire 4,427 American flags, all of which have served their useful purpose. The retirement took place inside Prospect Hill Cemetery's main entrance on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7th at 3:30 p.m. Flag memorial creators felt is was important to retire the existing flags on the same field they have decorated for the last six years. Planning is underway for a permanent memorial on the site to honor and remember combat losses suffered in Iraq since 2003.

November 2010

Updating the Iraq & Afghanistan War Flag Memorial, November 11, 2010

York's historic Prospect Hill Cemetery held a flag updating ceremony on Veterans Day, November 11, 2010 at 12:30 p.m. One hundred sixty-six flags (12 for Iraq, 149 for Afghanistan, 5 for Pennsylvania) were added to the 5,879 flags already on display. In addition, two new fallen hero banners were unveiled, honoring soldiers who have been killed while serving in Afghanistan.

The Iraq War Flag Memorial consists of three distinct collections of flags. The first symbolizes soldiers killed in Iraq, the second honors servicemen who have perished in Afghanistan, and the third recognizes our fallen Pennsylvania troops. During the service, participants read the names of America's latest losses. A new flag was placed into the ground and a bell tolled to honor the fallen. The service concluded with a gun salute from the York County Veterans Honor Guard, a dove release, and a bagpipe rendition of Amazing Grace.

During the service, two soldiers with local ties were honored posthumously with fallen hero banners. The first banner paid tribute to Sergeant First Class Daniel Suplee, who was a member of the U.S. Army National Guard's 53rd Brigade/153rd Calvary. Sergeant Suplee was helping to evacuate wounded soldiers when he was injured during a vehicle collision in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2006. His wife and children currently reside in York County. Suplee's banner was commissioned at the family's request and sponsored by Brooks-Huff Tire & Auto Centers.

A second fallen hero banner recognizing Marine Lance Corporal Ralph J. Fabbri was also added at the request of Fabbri's family. Lance Corporal Fabbri was a combat photographer on patrol in Helmand Province in September, 2010 when he was shot and killed. His immediate family lives in York County. Military & Commercial Fasteners has provided the funding for this project.

October 2010

Updating the Court of Valor, October 2, 2010

Court of Valor - Images by John Pavoncello

Court of Valor Monument Updating October 2, 2010 at 11 a.m.

The Court of Valor monument will be updated on Saturday, October 2, 2010. The service will begin at 11 a.m. This year, almost 80 names will be added to the 162 already incised on the memorial's granite surface.

The monument is dedicated to local veterans who have received valor medals acknowledging brave and heroic actions while serving the United States. All of the honorees have submitted military documents in order to prove their status as valor medal recipients. A committee of military experts has reviewed submissions and agreed that the proper criteria has been met for inclusion.

The Court of Valor was unveiled in 2009. The monument consists of a granite archway over 13' high and more than 11' wide; over 15,000 pounds of granite were used in its construction. Under the prominent archway is suspended an American flag, a symbol of the freedom our patriots defended. Topping the monument is an iconic piece of steel from the World Trade Center, weighing 3,000 pounds and measuring 9' 11" in length.

Prospect Hill Cemetery will continue to accept submissions from local veterans. Annual updating ceremonies will depend on the number of qualifying candidates.

JUNE 14, 2010 FLAG DAY

Flag Retirement Ceremony at Prospect Hill Cemetery

22 MARCH 2010

Christian Science Monitor: The Invisible Wars

Click here to link to the article.

19 NOVEMBER 2009

ViEW Photos from the Court of Valor Ceremony

Click image to see all photos from this event.

14 NOVEMBER 2009

court of valor monument to be unveiled

Download a PDF of the invitation.


9/11 Icon Comes to Prospect Hill Cemetery

Click image to view all photos from this event.

September 2009

News coverage of the 9/11 ceremony

New York Times Article: Trade Center Wreckage Finds New Purpose in Memorials

York Dispatch Video: A Permanent Reminder at Prospect Hill

24 August 2009

PHotos from the flag updating ceremony held August 22nd

19 August 2009

FLag Updating Ceremony to be held August 22, 2009

February - MARCH 2009

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10 DECember 2008

York Daily Record : LETTER TO THE EDITOR

Thanks to Flag Display Supporters

For four years, American flags have been multiplying along the hillside at Prospect Hill Cemetery. The army of red, white and blue symbolizes individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan. This week, volunteers and one York County family who lost a son to these conflicts dismantled the memorial for the winter. As we retire the flag display, we would like to thank those who supported the project in so many ways.   Read the entire letter of thanks here.

12 NOVEMBER 2008

Power Point Presentation presented before the Rotary Club of York

11 November 2008


Join us this Veteran's Day for a one-hour flag updating ceremony inside the cemetery's main entrance. This event is free & open to the public.

Over 95 flags will be added to the existing display and 3 new Fallen Heroes Banners will be unveiled.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at Noon

10 NOVember 2008

York Daily Record Coverage of Flag Updating Ceremony

Tomorrow, the flag display will grow
Updated: 11/10/2008 07:00:09 AM EST

Tomorrow, Veterans Day, volunteers will fan out on the slope of the Prospect Hill Cemetery facing George Street and add 97 flags to the thousands of others planted in the grass. The total number of flags will top 5,000. One each for every American soldier's life lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is the fourth year the flags have had to be updated. Four years and thousands of flags.    Read the entire article here.

23 August 2008

Fallen heroes banner program unveiled

Prospect Hill Cemetery unveiled six new banners honoring Our Fallen Heroes from York County during the August 23 Flag Updating Ceremony.

To find out how to participate in this program or to sponsor a banner, please contact Melissa at 717-843-8006 or email


September 2008

Court of Valor Program Announced

Plans for a new Veterans Memorial were announced this month. The new Court of Valor Monument is designed to honor “the heroes among us.” Those who have been awarded valor medals by our grateful nation can have their names permanently incised on a timeless granite memorial, at no cost to them or their family. Please visit the Court of Valor page for more information.