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Twenty York County inductees will be honored for their bravery and courage while serving our country.

This year's Court of Valor Ceremony will be particularly memorable as we will be dedicating York County's First Responders Memorial; The Safekeepers Shrine. The memorial is designed to honor the selfless service and sacrifice of all York County First Responders.

For more Details about the Safekeepers Shrine, please visit SafeKeepers Shrine

Pre & Post-Ceremony: 11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Come early and see our unique collection of local military, restored military, police and firefighter vehicles and equipment. Helicopter display by STAT MedEvac.

The Court of Valor Memorial is a veterans feature, dedicated to local servicemen who have earned valor medals while serving our country. At some point in their lives, these veterans have called York County their home. Military records were submitted on their behalf to document acts of bravery and courage. A volunteer panel of veterans has developed the criteria under which this honor is bestowed.

Among some of the qualifying medals are the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Silver Star, Navy Cross and Distinguished Flying Cross. Prisoners of War and those who have been killed in action automatically meet the criteria for inclusion. Once accepted, the name of the qualifying veteran is incised on the granite surface of the Court of Valor. Dedication ceremonies will be held annually until the entire monument is inscribed.

The feature itself consists of a granite archway over 13' high and more than 11' wide; over 15,000 pounds of granite were used in its construction. Under the prominent archway is suspended an American flag, a symbol of the freedom our patriots defended. Topping the monument is an iconic piece of steel from the World Trade Center, weighing 3,000 pounds and measuring 9'' 11 in length. The Historic Prospect Hill Cemetery Heritage Foundation was granted the steel by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Foundation members visited Hangar 17 at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York in the spring of 2009 to select a piece of WTC steel.

The selected piece of WTC steel was escorted into York County with the help of the Patriot Guard Riders and the York County Sheriff's Office on September 11, 2009. An unveiling ceremony took place approximately two months later, attracting more than five hundred people from the local community. As of September 2011, the names of 316 local veterans were featured on the Court of Valor.
(Still under development)
Ceremony is FREE to the public and handicapped accessible

Enter the cemetery through the Pennsylvania Ave. entrance and identify yourself as an honoree or applicant for a deceased honoree or visitor.

You will be directed to vistor parking.

We provide seating for more than 500 people, so if other family members attend there will additional seating on a first come-first served basis in the general seating area.

If you have questions, please call our office at 717-843-8006

Please plan to arrive early. It does take time to park, receive your seating and make your way to the ceremony.


The site of the memorial is easily accessible from the Pennsylvania Avenue entrance of the cemetery.

From Interstate 83, take the Route 30 (Arsenal Road) Exit 21B, going west.

Travel about 0.7 miles and make a left on Pennsylvania Ave.; entrance is on your left.

From Interstate 83, take the George St .exit (exit 22), going south.

At the light, make a right onto N. George St .

Continue until next light and make a right onto Arsenal Road/Route 30.

Travel about 0.7 miles and make a left on Pennsylvania Ave.; entrance is on your left.

Download a printable 2014 Court of Valor Ceremony program here .

In 2008, the IRS recognized the importance of the historic nature of our cemetery and our need to raise funds to preserve that heritage. Consequently, the Historic Prospect Hill Cemetery Heritage Foundation was granted 501 (c)(3) status.

As a non-profit organization, we are dedicated to preserving the historic heritage of Prospect Hill Cemetery . This historic landmark, founded in 1849, is the final resting place for patriots from every war in which our country has participated. Two Medal of Honor recipients from the Civil War are buried on the premises. The historic graves of Civil War Union Corps Commander William Buell Franklin and Declaration of Independence signer Philip Livingston are also found on cemetery grounds. Additionally, Soldiers Circle is a federally owned site given to America after the Civil War. It serves as a final resting place for 162 soldiers who died of their wounds received during the Battle of Gettysburg.

Now, as Prospect Hill moves towards its second century of service to the community, this hallowed ground is showing its age. Grounds-keeping and maintenance costs are increasing and resources are dwindling. If you believe in the importance of Prospect Hill Cemetery as a community treasure, you can assist by making a tax-deductible contribution. Please mail donations to:

Historic Prospect Hill Cemetery Heritage Foundation
700 North George Street
York, PA 17404