Court of Valor

Prospect Hill Cemetery & Cremation Gardens has protected the graves and memories of out patriots since our founding. The Court of Valor Memorial continues this proud tradition of commemorating those who have served our nation. This impressive monument, which was unveiled in 2009, stands 13 feet tall and 11 feet wide; over 15,000 pounds of granite were used in its construction.

A massive piece of steel from the World Trade Center sits prominently on top of the monument as silent witness to the tragic events of September 11, 2001. The beam weighs roughly 3,000 pounds and measures 9 feet 11 inches long. Two granite pillars cradle the beam and create the monument’s archway, under which is suspended a 6’ x 10’ flag, intended to symbolize our nation and its defenders.

At no cost, the memorial is inscribed with the names of local servicemen who have been awarded valor medals. A volunteer panel of veterans has developed the criteria under which this honor is bestowed. The unique tribute can be requested for veterans living or deceased and it is not limited to those buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery.

After twelve years of inductions (through 2021), more than 400 names appear on the monuments granite columns. Honorees are remembered at annual Court of Valor and Safekeepers Shrine Ceremonies held in September at Prospect Hill Cemetery, on the Sunday after 9/11.

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