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Historic Prospect Hill Cemetery Heritage Foundation (HPHCHF)

In 2008, the IRS recognized the importance of the historic nature of our cemetery and our need to raise funds to preserve that heritage so they granted our foundation 501 (c) 3 status. This means that you can assist the cemetery by donating additional funds to either accomplish specific projects or add to our permanent care funds – and you can do that as a fully tax deductible contribution! This is a marvelous tool for your cemetery to use to protect our important heritage. We are working presently with the York County Community Foundation to establish a permanent fund as a part of this growing community resource. All of these efforts will allow us to continue the proud tradition of our cemetery, make it accessible as an educational resource and preserve the priceless beauty of our grounds, buildings and monuments.

Please mail donations to:
Historic Prospect Hill Cemetery Heritage Foundation
700 North George Street, York, PA 17404