Burial Records

Prospect Hill & Greenmount Cemeteries and Cremation Gardens make it easy for you to locate loved ones who are interred in our cemeteries.  Enter the last name (and first if known) of your loved one in the search fields to the right and click on submit and your search results will appear.  The information will include name, date of birth (if known), date of death, date of service (represents burial date in cemetery), Cemetery buried in, Section and Lot. 

Please note that burials from January 1, 2009 to present can be found using this search tool.  Burial records prior to January 1, 2009 are being entered as time permits and will automatically populate once entered.  If you cannot locate your loved one please go to the Contact Us page to submit an inquiry so that we can assist you.

Remember My Journey is a unique memorial page offering for the family members and friends of those buried at Prospect Hill & Greenmount Cemeteries and Cremation Gardens.