Safekeepers Shrine

The Safekeepers Shrine was designed by local artists to honor the selfless service and sacrifice of all York County First Responders. Standing over 14 feet tall and 12 feet wide, the memorial features a 65 square-foot multi-layered glass panel that depicts the silhouettes, shapes and symbols of badges and other insignia of first responders and sits in a slab of granite that is permanently imprinted with the names of first responders York County has lost since 1904.

That year, three members of the Vigilant Fire Company – John H. Saltzgiver, Horace F. Strine and Lewis M. Strubinger – died on duty together on April 6th.

We also hold a Law Enforcement Community Remembrance in May. We invite you and your family to attend this event and take time to get to know the officers in your community and reflect on the sacrifice of the first responders who bravely gave their lives in the line of duty.

Those Lost in the Line of Duty

John H. Saltzgiver

Vigilant Fire Company
April 6, 1904

Horace F. Strine

Vigilant Fire Company
April 6, 1904

Lewis M. Strubinger

Vigilant Fire Company
April 6, 1904

Elias Spangler

Goodwill Fire Company
December 2, 1909

William E. Bush

Rescue Fire Company
June 6, 1915

Roscoe Gemmill

Eureka Fire Company
July 17, 1918

Clifford Findley

Delta-Cardiff Fire Company
September 18, 1919

Harold E. Strebig

Rex Hook & Ladder Company
January 8, 1928

Curtis D. Sowers

North York Borough Police Department
May 21, 1929

Walter F. Hugentugler

Rescue Fire Company
May 11, 1934

Eugene Greiman

Laurel Fire Company
October 29, 1940

Dean N. Zeigler

Pennsylvania Motor Police
October 17, 1942

Henry F. W. Rudy

Eagle Fire Company
February 25, 1943

N. Jay Leader

Jacobus Lions Club Ambulance
March 2, 1957

J. William Wills

Vigilant Fire Company
March 29, 1957

James Yohe

Wrightsville Fire & Hose Company
November 14, 1961

Henry C. Schaad

York City Police Department
August 1, 1969

Donald R. Harrison

York City Fire Department
February 25, 1971

Paul E. Ahrens

Eagle Fire Company
March 24, 1981

Donald L. Myers

Jefferson Fire Company
October 18, 1981

James A. Fogle

Newberrytown Fire Company
January 5, 1982

Wilbur Stough

Franklintown Fire Company
November 28, 1982

Gregory A. Stauffer

Jefferson Fire Company
August 9, 1983

Thomas E. Hicks

Citizens Fire Company
December 17, 1990

Paul E. Moyer

Yoe Fire Co. Ambulance Service
December 2, 1993

Douglas Rohrbaugh

Laurel Fire Company
June 26, 1998

Ronald E. Kaltreider

Pleasant Hill Volunteer Fire Company
December 29, 1999

Herbert C. Caldwell III

Newberry Township Fire Department
December 17, 2004

Edward E. Schroeder, Jr.

York County Sheriff’s Office
January 10, 2005

David D. Tome

Northern York County Regional Police Department
October 21, 2008

Douglas Farrington

Delta-Cardiff Fire Company
August 23, 2010

Christian D. Beaston, Jr.

Hellam Fire Company
December 7, 2011

Rodney P. Miller

Loganville Fire Company
April 27, 2013

Earl J. Shoemaker

Hanover Fire Department
March 12, 2016

Dennis H. Devoe

Fawn Grove Fire Co.
March 11, 2017

Christopher D. Hill

U.S. Marshals Service
January 18, 2018

Zachary J. Anthony

York City Fire Department
March 22, 2018

Ivan K. Flanscha

York City Fire Department
March 22, 2018

Alex I. Sable

York City Police Department
May 9, 2018

Jacques F. Rougeau, Jr.

Pennsylvania State Trooper
June 17, 2023